The Four Guidelines Of Life - ( W.I.P. ) - Chill

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Untamed Jester
Sun May 09, 2021 12:58 am


The Four Guidelines Of Life - ( W.I.P. ) - Chill

Something I am working on. Not sure where to take this one. I am writing lyrics for this. Also trying to find someone for the vocals. You be the judge?

The so-called guidelines are as thus: Nothing is Free, nothing is Fair, Nobody Cares, and Never leave your possessions behind as they will be taken.

Here is the saddest part about this. Modern young folks are not ready for the truth and or reality. No matter how they are raised. If they are allowed to watch and listen to modern media in any form... They will be blind and ignorant. I am sick of sugar-coating things. Modern life is at its hardest. The world is divided more than ever. Thanks to stupid people. This may be taken down. But that will just prove that opinions don't matter anymore. Especially in the now so-called USA. I am glad I live in a state where this nonsense doesn't happen. Yet...

We are all Human. Just remember that. But... One with morals can't sit back and be silent anymore. Yes, I am holding back a little bit to keep things PG here. But... The lyrics will not be when finished.

This is a rough mix and arrangement. But I think you all will get the basic feel of where it is going if I can figure out where to take it next lol.

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