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Sun May 16, 2021 7:28 pm


Envelope Link To Controller

Some things that could be improved with envelopes in FLS:
FPC Env.png
-Currently, the envelope-enable button can't be linked to a controller. Would be nice to push a MIDI controller button to enable an envelope on the currently selected track, when the link is set to omni mode.
Or have all envelopes set to 'On' by default, with it set (the factory default) in a way that doesn't do anything to the sound, until the user changes it by tweaking the knobs. The envelope would have to be turned off manually (if desired), instead of (currently) turned on manually.

-Moving knobs with the mouse auto-enables the envelope, but not if moving the knobs with a MIDI controller. Even resetting the knob with the middle mouse button enables it. That's weird. Moving the knobs with a MIDI controller is the same result as with a mouse, so it should auto-enable it too.

-There is no advantage to have the knobs move a ghost envelope, and the mouse dragging move the visual envelope. This feature is worse than confusing, and not worth its existence. Moving the parameters by dragging graph points, or with the knobs should result in the exact same visual envelope image. A ghost envelope is not only unnecessary, but damaging to the user trying to use it when they come back to it later and have no idea what the envelope is doing, when it doesn't visually represent what it's actually doing.

-When linking the FPC envelope's ADSR knobs in omni mode, it's disappointing that they aren't omni linked to each cell within an FPC instance (as opposed to currently, that one parameter linked to any focused FPC instance). I think this should be a special omni mode, where you could select a different cell and the same MIDI knob controls that same env parameter.
I'm thinking of the Akai Fire, with User Bank 1 knobs. Since the controller is geared towards drums and sampling, and it has the four velvety smooth knobs up top, it fits perfectly with the FPC envelope knobs. So in drum mode, you could push a grid button to select the cell and just move the knobs to change that sample's envelope. Then push another button to select another cell etc.
I wish the FPC mode button could be used with Tab or up and down arrows.
I have Transient Processor linked on User bank 2, by the way. Attack, Split Freq, Drive, Release. These two banks of knobs work very nice with FPC drums.

You could add a Transient Processor module to each cell in FPC.

Like this or something.
Or even a transient processor envelope tab. The knob labels would change to the att rel split drive.

Thank you.
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