Minilogue XD's knobs don't work (mostly) in SW synth like Massive, Hydrid, etc. MIDI CC issue?

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Mon Jan 13, 2020 4:06 am


Minilogue XD's knobs don't work (mostly) in SW synth like Massive, Hydrid, etc. MIDI CC issue?

Hello. I'm trying to use Minilogue XD as a MIDI controller, but most knobs don't work in SW synth - Massive, Hydrid, Harmless, etc. If I click "Learn MIDI CC" in a synth to assign a knob to a parameter (i.e. cutoff), it gets assigned but the control moves between the value of 0-5. Then, if I turn any other knobs on Minilogue XD without doing MIDI learn for that knob, the same thing will happen for that specific knob (not other knob) in SW synth. I'm using FL Studio 20, and also tested this with Massive standalone but both didn't work. Keyboard and joystick work though.

Minilogue XD's MIDI RX/TX setttings are on and only 2 knobs that work properly in SW synth are "Portamento" and "TYPE" in Multi Engine section in Minilogue XD.

Does this mean I can't use Minilogue XD as a MIDI controller to control knobs in SW synth? I checked MIDI CC messages from it using MIDI-OX and indeed, only those 2 knobs send proper CC events. Others are sending a pair of events per input - actual value from a knob and another value between 0 and 7. Is this normal?

And here's what I just found:

1) in Kontakt 5, knobs work! I checked it with Scarbee Mark I, and I can do MIDI learn for different controls using Minilogue XD's knobs.

2) In AKAI's VIP (a platform that lets you control VSTs with any MIDI controller), I can do something like I did with Kontakt 5/Scarbee Mark I with Air Music Hybrid 3. If seems that some knobs are already assigned to Hybrid 3's knobs.

It will be great if I can find something that converts knob inputs from Minilogue XD to normal MIDI CC events...


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