Please develop 64-bit versions of the SoundFont player, WASP, WASP XT and others

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Thu Sep 16, 2021 2:43 pm


Please develop 64-bit versions of the SoundFont player, WASP, WASP XT and others


It's my first time posting publicly on this forum, so please go easy on me.

I would really love it if Image-Line could develop 64-bit versions of the SoundFont player, WASP, and WASP XT. I have hundreds of songs that use these plugins from back when I used the 32-bit version exclusively, and now when I load them into 64-bit FL Studio they do not work. I have to manually change the plugin used for generating those sounds. Often, it is just impossible to replicate the same mood from the original plugins, trying to recreate the same tone, timbre, and general feel of the previous work is extremely difficult and often, in my opinion, a "Fruitless" endeavor.

I'm sure many users would appreciate if all the plugins with 32-bit versions could have a proper 64-bit version to run with the latest implementation of FL Studio. It's important, because it allows users to maximize their potential for creativity by allowing them to use their software to the fullest extent.

I am aware that I am able to open these projects in the legacy 32-bit version of the software, but then this introduces the major inconvenience that in that configuration, it would be impossible to use 64-bit plugins when adding to the projects. If I want to use these plugins, I am stuck between two choices: 1) Use the 32-bit version, and get access to the 32-bit plugins while forgoing the 64-bit plugins, or 2) use the 64-bit version and forgo all the 32-bit plugins. It's just a bad setup and I would appreciate having a better situation, I'm sure other users would feel the same.

How can I and other users who feel this way make a stand? Would it be expensive or impractical to develop these plugins in 64-bit format? Would it be possible to run the 32-bit versions in a bridged configuration?

I just want to go on record saying I LOVE these plugins, and would be so happy if they were upgraded to 64-bit. There is a reason they were included in the software in the early days, and I believe these plugins still have value today.

I really hope some other people feel the same way, and we can convince Image-Line to give this some attention.

Thank you for reading!!

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