(UPD 4.0)SC Mode to compressor , pattern shadow in automation window etc

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Aidy Cross
Sat Jan 15, 2022 6:34 pm


(UPD 4.0)SC Mode to compressor , pattern shadow in automation window etc

Good day, I would like you to add the ability to make a sidechain through a compressor, without this function it is quite problematic to work with complex music with a broken rhythm.

I would also like to have such an opportunity, so that the shadow of patterns is displayed in the window for drawing automatizations. This would allow you to work much faster and more accurately.

Bounce audio, as well as freeze the track.

Grossbit plugin. (You have a great foundation for this in the Groove Machine app)

When you press the undo button, for example, to cancel an unsuccessfully recorded take, the vertical zoom of the virtual keyboard changes. This moment is unpleasant and I would like you to fix it ...

It is not possible to select the grid spacing 1/32 and 1/64 ...

Built-in sample editor (I would like to see something similar in convenience as in caustic 3)

Ability to make slide notes in piano roll

Ability to change font size

the ability to adjust the contrast of the theme, as well as colors.

Ability to create markers on the timeline

Ability to block zoom in piano roll, as well as horizontal scrolling

Plugin for ring modulation (you can add this to plugin settings for filtering)

Ability to save a chain of plug-ins on a track as a preset

Tempo markers (with gradual or static change in project playback speed)

Ability to make shortcuts for quick access to user samples

The legendary soundgoodizer plugin

Ability to take notes in a project

Possibility to configure the buffer for undoing actions with a limit of 999 actions.

A smart key scale in the piano roll that removes from the field all those notes that are not included in the selected key. (This saves usable screen space)

Support sf2 , sfz

*button in the transport panel to select the next track with the instrument

*micro tuning plugin

* After turning on the mode "add to notes track" the "repeater" function disappears in the piano roll and it can only be used on the parent track.

*A mode in the settings that allows you to delete a note in the piano roll when you click on a note again without a drop-down context menu. Long press on a note brings up the Snap to Grid option.

Piano Roll : duplicate selected notes

Piano roll : hide unused bars (immediately after creating a two-measure pattern, the third is visible) , This would allow for a larger default zoom on smaller screens.

Pattern : editing the length of a pattern (Start) removes what has been shortened to . And after entering the edit mode, it became the beginning of the pattern.

Piano Roll : Ability to automatically close (minimize) all windows after entering the piano roll

Transferring the metronome to the transport pad

piano roll : Clicking on a note again deletes it, selecting a note brings up the context menu for note settings.

Piano roll: the ability to create 1-measure patterns


fruity limiter : the ability to customize the attack, and the algorithm for clipping

context menu function : duplicate selected patterns

the ability to automate the knee and make it "rounded"


flipper for quick and easy vertical resizing of the piano roll window on mobile devices (At the moment, this prevents the android system shutter from making and there is not enough area for dragging the window)

Sincerely , Aidy
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