Feature Request: Bookmarks

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Mon Jun 20, 2022 11:08 pm


Feature Request: Bookmarks

This should be low hanging fruit for your development team, but I also don't know your stack:

I want to be able to 'Bookmark' samples, folders, whatever. I can probably save you some design time, so here's a MVP of what the developers may like to do:

Load FL Studio: setupBookmarks()

- Method could be a sibling or child of your File Explorer ops.
- Search for (local only) 'bookmarks' file. Does a file exist? Do we have a *cache?

Check for cache and Bookmarks file diff
- If bookmarks file hash has changed (compare to new hash to old hash) return and continue loading the fresh bookmarks.
- Else, we're going to load the cache.

Try loading whichever file found (loadBookmarks(filePath)), catch if failure

* Cache logic is explained below.

Load Bookmarks: loadBookmarks(file)
- (Logical state: File found and ready to process)
- Create Bookmarks/Favorites entry at the top of the file explorer.
- The state file contains a delimited series of paths: Load paths into an array.
- For each **item in the array, create a file shortcut in Bookmarks that points to this item.

Clean Up
- Dispose of shortcuts (treat them as temp files) or cache the bookmarks by making a copy of the current bookmark state, save hash of bookmarks file.

** If item is a folder you'd have to recursively*** call and, for each item in the folder, create a shortcut in the parent folder, or continue tunneling down into each sub folder.

*** For a MVP, maybe don't worry about folders and subfolders. This is a typical op but obviously exponentially increases your space complexity.

Like I said, this is pretty low hanging fruit. Give it to the intern.

Thu Jun 23, 2022 10:29 am


Re: Feature Request: Bookmarks

completely overhauled browser with favoriting s...

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