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Rohin K
Wed Dec 07, 2022 5:08 pm




I am excited for the new update fl studio 21 and I really want to appreciate for all your hard work and bring a lot changes in fl 21 as we can see already in the tutorials which is great. I would like to suggest two more things which I would really like to see improved in 21 version.

1. Please make playlist automatically connect with the mixer like other DAWs. Because this thing can make workflow a lot more easier and helpful for the fl users.

2. Please add more space in channels to put more plugins and effects in each channel. For example like now we can put just 10 effects in each channel. I would really like to see more effects space in each channel. It could be 15 or more than fifteen.

If you can add these changes into this update that would be great and helpful.



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