When the missing updates/fixes for Undo History?

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Fri Feb 24, 2023 6:57 am


When the missing updates/fixes for Undo History?

Time passes but the undo history is still incomplete.

It has lost two very important features:
- history auto opening after second ctr+z

- individual history for each FL plugin with mapping tabs

and some are still completely missing:

-there is still no undo history in Patcher!!

-The whole undo experience is now extremely sluggish when you undo any change made on mapping tabs. Really annoying.

Please, don't wait years before completing the overhaul of FL's undo history.
It just feels like the umpteenth half-finished feature.
2 steps forward, 2 steps backwards.
Just focus on your forward steps please.

Ps: I just learned from their manual that Logic automatically opens the history after the first Ctrl+Z.
Doesn't seem like a stupid feature to have...

IL please

I'll add here again a post I wrote the time you decided to delete that feature:
D3Mens wrote:
Tue Feb 22, 2022 8:46 am
shroomhead_one wrote:
Tue Feb 22, 2022 11:29 am
D3Mens wrote:
Fri Jan 28, 2022 11:27 am
"Browser - The Undo history in the browser no longer opens automatically while undoing."

I really dont understand who asked for this and why for someone was a problem.

Because the problem with it has always been the OPPOSITE:

The Undo history CLOSES automatically whenever you undo specific parameters/actions.

The undo history opening after the second Ctrl+z was simply a genius behaviour.

Why would I undo multiple times if not for seeing automatically the history open, to go back even further without constantly pressing Ctrl+z and not knowing where am I in the undo history?

Why would I need to still see the browser's folders when undoing?

There is only one simple answer: It was annoying more people than it was helping.
Does this mean it is a useless feature? No.
Should not it deserve at least an option to let the user decide if he/she wants it or not?

I've never seen a software updating itself through deletion of features without providing at the same time one of these two things:

A) an option to choose from
B) an even better feature that does everything that was possible before, and more.

That's updating a software.

I thought IL said: "Lifetime free updates", not "Lifetime free updates and deletion of stuff because who cares if that was useful to someone"

I understand deleting redundant stuff. There's plenty in FL. I'm not talking about multiple ways to load a plugin, I'm totally ok with that. Give us 1000 ways to load a plugin, Give us 1000 ways to do anything! that's great! But please do not delete unique features without providing an alternative!

In this same way, you (not you, whoever did it) deleted the dedicated undo history for Harmor, Sytrus, Slicex, Love Philter, etc...
You (not you, whoever did it) deleted a unique feature, unconcerned to give an alternative solution able to let the user do what now can't be done anymore.

There is no software out there that every now and then deletes stuff without providing a valid replacement feature at the same time. These decisions IL takes from time to time are totally absurd. Especially if, as you say, the reason for deleting something is: "It was annoying more people than it was helping."

I've never seen IL so shure about deleting something unique while the whole software is an endless maze of possibilites so that everyone can feel "as free as possible", and with all that endless maze of multiple ways to achieve anything IL decides to delete the only two things that don't have workarounds?

At least a keyboard shortcut to open the history? (which btw should be a must anyway, since the only way to currently open it is through mouse clicks)

And speaking of the plugin dedicated undo history... that hit me really hard. I still cannot understand how other musicians, producers and engineers that WORK with FL did not complain about those being removed. And in the same way, I cannot understand how devs decided to release the new undo system without providing a valid replacement for those vital histories.

"Deleting" is not "Updating".
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