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Eric Beaudoin
Sun Mar 19, 2023 11:00 am


How to dynamically change html notebook

I noticed there is no parameters to change fl studio html notebook. I would love to use event edit and change the page based on the pattern. Like how notebook and notebook2 works.

Is there any workaround to this, can I add anything to the html page like Javascript to poll fl studio for what pattern it is on.

Or anywhere to pass an event to the html page in fruity html notebook.

Is there some sort of Winshell command I can use it html to target fl studio patterns. Or is there a keyboard command that can say open patter number #XX.
I had success in the past to press f1 keys by clicking on a link in the html background. Maybe there is a shortcut to open a dialog box to type in the pattern to change to?

If there is limitation to fruity html maybe something can be done using html background. I'm not sure the limitations of each browser.
I am not sure what other workarounds there are. I just want to change html url of background html, or url page of fruity html notebook. Also I could use the same html page and just trigger Javascript in the html page which could handle changing data without changing url.

The last thing I can think of is having a html notebook for each pattern. (Although I'm not sure there is 999 effect slots in the mixing board.) And use event edits to to turn it in and bring to front. And maybe shut the rest off. If any of this can be done with keyboard shortcuts then internet explorer in fl studios browser may be able to use scripts to do it

Anyways, I kinda going on and on. Does any one have any advice?

I want each pattern to show in a window, pictures, guitar tabs, other dynamic things. I was thinking i could just hard-code a list that is the same as what I have in patterns in the fl studio project. I could then click in fl studio what pattern I want. Then go to html background or fruity html notebook and click in a list the corresponding pattern. But then it's extra work. And if I change the order of patterns in fl studio, I'd have to change the order in html. It may not be hard of my html page is a local Joomla server and each pattern in Joomla is a article that I can update the positions a little more easily.

Anyways that's a very hands on work around to just having a pattern event editor a new url.

Any body, any where, any ideas?

Thanks for reading this super lengthy post! :shock:

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