FL Key 37 & Akai Fire Intergration Problem

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Tue May 23, 2023 1:06 pm


FL Key 37 & Akai Fire Intergration Problem


Recently I bought a FLKey 37 and an Akai Fire.
At first glance, it's fun to play with.
I am now running into a problem.

As follows:

When I press the mute button on my FLKey 37, the green mute lights on the left side go out on my Akai Fire. This is good!
But when I do it the other way around the red lights stay on on my FLKey 37.

I unplugged both controllers separately. To my conclusion I find out that when I click on mute in FL Studio with the mouse, the lights also go out in the Akai Fire. This integration works perfectly as it should.

Unfortunately it doesn't work that way on my FLKey 37. When I click mute in FL Studio nothing happens. So the problem is not with the akai fire but with the FL Key 37. I have created a custom mode script via the novation components but without result.

I would be eternally grateful if anyone knows a solution to this!


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Tue May 23, 2023 2:03 pm


Re: FL Key 37 & Akai Fire Intergration Problem

Looks like this could be a bug in the FLKey scr...

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