Made a game inside of patcher!

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Sun Sep 17, 2023 2:43 pm


Made a game inside of patcher!

What if you could make a game using FL Studio's Patcher?

Well, I figured out how, check it out!

Here's how it works:

  • Mouse tracking is done using a Fruity Formula Controller, Inverted, and then capped.
  • The enemy moving from right to left is done by using a peak controller LFO set to saw so that the position jolts back to the right after going all the way left.
  • The position of the enemy is randomized using another peak controller set to Random LFO and is then capped.
  • The data is then being output into an instance of ZGame that renders shapes on the screen.
Game Logic
  • An instance of ZGame is being used to render three colors and shapes, being pure Red, Green, and Blue respectively. (This works because ZGame outputs RGB Values that can then be used to modulate other parameters!)
  • A Formula Controller is used to check whether or not the Green circle is being blocked out by the Red rectangle, making it disappear if as long as its being covered.
  • A different Formula Controller is used to check if the Green circle is blocking out part of the Blue rectangle, causing a game over to occur.
  • All of this data is then transferred into the "VisualHandler" instance of ZGame that renders out the finished game.


Screenshot of the patch:

image_2023-09-17_092744320.png (85.92 KiB) Viewed 980 times

Here's the actual patch if you'd like to try it out!

(34.9 KiB) Downloaded 103 times

Let me know what you guys think, and give me some suggestions / ideas as to how we can take this concept further!

VilleK (staff)
Mon Sep 18, 2023 7:15 am


Re: Made a game inside of patcher!

Henyx wrote: ↑Sun Sep 17, 2023 2:43 pm [*]An in...

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