Roland Integra-7 VST3 Editor Setup - BETTER CONTROL!!

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Sun Jun 12, 2022 11:15 am


Roland Integra-7 VST3 Editor Setup - BETTER CONTROL!!

Hello All!

I wanted to share with you my findings concerning the Roland Integra-7 editor, and how I figured out a way to make working with the VST3 version a breeze. Prior to figuring this out, I absolutely dreaded working with this editor because it broke my creative workflow.

Let's establish some facts:
1. The Integra-7 vst3 is classified as a synth (not an effect)
2. The Integra-7 editor uses a secondary MIDI connection that works outside of the DAW
3. The Integra-7 appears to be unable to pass MIDI information into the DAW environment

This means that when you click on the Integra vst3 editor you loose control of MIDI input. Once you have made your editing choices you must then click back on your MIDI OUT plugin in the Channel Rack to regain note input control of the Integra. This is a horrible workflow killer, especially if you are simply tweaking a filter envelope or something similar.

I realized the Integra-7 Editor is not really act like a generator at all and seems to behave more like and effect. That's when I got the to use Patcher as a work around.

Follow these steps to have continuous control over the Integra-7 editor without the pesky instrument focus behavior that one gets when loading this as an instrument in the Channel Rack:

1. Load up a MIDI OUT plugin in the channel rack to control the Integra-7
2. Assign that MIDI OUT plugin to a Mixer Channel and assign the proper hardware input
3. Load up a Patcher effect in the Mixer and place the Integra-7 vst3 inside
4. Connect the audio within Patcher (connect "From FL Studio" to "To FL Studio"
5. Enjoy total recall of parameters within the Integra-7 editor!

Here is a picture of the setup:
Roland Integra-7.JPG

I hope this helps anyone that is working with the Integra-7. This process should work with any vst3 hardware editor that uses a secondary MIDI in/out to control hardware parameters.
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