BTP - Better Than Pultec ? (Please test)

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Sun Mar 31, 2024 8:50 am


BTP - Better Than Pultec ? (Please test)

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Better Than Pultec ?

Tailored towards low end enhancement like Kick, Bass, Snare, Toms, Bongos & Congas.
This patch cleanly separates a user defind band out of the audio spectrum and then delays it in time so it starts playback a little later.

Please only download in exchange for your test feedback.

Even a tiny delay can affect the phase interaction of the frequencies at the borders of the delayed band verses the non delayed sections and this will either create a push or pull reaction around that point, hence comparing it to a Pultec EQ.

This will either achieve a more negative or desirable outcome and is totally dependent on locating a sweet spot.

But once you find it you can then further enhance the result with the Boost control for an extra shaping technique I've cooked up through testing and comparing the results of various methods.

Although interaction of phase can occur at any frequency it is percieved much more noticeably at lower frequencies due to the physical size of the wavelengths between oscillations and their permeating interaction with objects in any given acoustic space, often you may not even register much phase interaction with high elements.

Therefore it's often the interaction of the lower crossover frequencies of a band's border that will have a more pronounced phase interaction compared with the frequencies of its higher border.

But because this tool actually delays a band it in theory should allow that entire band to be emphasised and shine through the mix more because it will be playing at a seperate point in the time domain to the non delayed band.

Is it better than a Pultec EQ? Maybe, maybe not, try it.

Another alternative is an All-Pass filter which does a similar thing via phase rotation of a frequency area but doesn't delay a band in time like this does.
But I've now also included a control for an all-pass filter that affects the phase of the user defined band vs the rest of the untouched signal.

Even a tiny miniscule change can have a big affect so hold ctrl while turning knobs for the tiniest increments.

Note: The delay knob will initially create a glitchy type noise as you adust it, this is completely normal as it's essentially a pre-computed task as opposed to realtime.


Centre Freq
The centre frequency of the band to be extracted from the signal to be delayed.
Hard Left = 20Hz
Hard right = 1KHz

The width (spectrum) of the band to be extracted from the signal to be delayed.
Hard Left = Minimum width
Hard right = Maximum width

The time in milliseconds the extracted band is to be delayed.
Hard Left = No delay
Hard right = 500ms Max

Phase Rotate
Controls the centre frequency at which the phase is rotated, but only affects the phase rotation of the delayed band, the non delayed parts of the signal are unaffected.
Hard Left = No rotation
Right to Hard right = 10Hz - 22KHz Max

Employs a technique I've incorporated to extract an extra but wider band along with the first delayed band but in an opposite phase and then also boosts that same frequency as a whole to both the delayed band and the non delayed parts together, centred on the same frequency as the Centre Freq control.
Hard Left = No boost
Right to Hard right = 18dB Max

There's a button to turn this on or off.

Chooses the amount of processed signal vs unprocessed signal.

There's a button to hear only the difference you're adding.
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