Assigning Midi Input to Specific Channels (From Circuit Tracks for Example)

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Thu Mar 21, 2024 3:34 pm


Assigning Midi Input to Specific Channels (From Circuit Tracks for Example)

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

I have a circuit tracks and would like to use its two midi tracks however it doesn't seem to work as I expect.

By default the tracks sends midi on channels 1/2/3/4 & 10(for the 4 drum tracks).

If I trigger the circuit tracks, all midi data across all the above channels is delivered to the currently selected instrument in the channel rack.
So lets say channel one is a base drum - all midi data hits this channel/instrument and its just a mess.

If I try to lock a channel to receive input only from the circuit tracks midi channel "x" it makes no difference - all midi data from the tracks is still played on the currently selected channel in the channel rack.

I did come across a post here where a template was created having 10 channels in the channel rack, with channels 1-4 & 10 populated with instruments and 5-9 dummy/blank sampler instruments.
Then, once you select/highlight channels 1-10 and trigger the circuit tracks the midi data does appear to be sent in accordance with the instruments position in the channel rack. channel/instrument 1 responds to circuit tracks midi input on channel1 and so on.

all this is very confusing and feels like something is broke so any help is appreciated.

1. Why can I not lock an instrument/channel to react to midi input on a specific channel and ignore everything else?
2. Where/how is the relationship between an instruments position in the channel rack and the midi channel it reacts to established?
3. Why do you need to manually select tracks 1-10 in order for the mapping from midi channel to channel rack position to work?

Many Thanks

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