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Sat Apr 13, 2024 9:42 am




This is a Massive Workflow Improvement for all the users who Copy - Paste Clips in their production process, many times making changes in their Clips, giving them the super helpful choice to choose in which Clips those changes will be automatically applied and which Clips will not be affected by those changes.

Right now, if We Created a Clip, We Copy and Paste the Clip in Other Places of the Project (so we have Breaks Between these Clips), then we decide to Edit the Clip Pattern, the Changes We Made Doesnt Automatically Apply on Its Copies too.
So we are Forced to Delete all those Old Copies, Copy the New Edited Clip and Paste It Back on those places.
Which in many cases is just too much work.

To Easily Solve this Issue and hugely improve the Workflow its necessary to add the UNCONNECTED / CONNECTED feature in the Clips Edit and Copy - Paste Options.
So the Users to have the Option to Choose which Copies are Connected to Each Other, all the Changes made in one of the Connected Copies to Automatically Apply on all of them.

Best way To make the UNCONNECTED / CONNECTED Clip Copy Option Easily Accessible for All Users (new and old), is to Add It as a Toggle Button which will give us the Option to easily switch between Unconnected and Connected.

The Connection Toggle Button to appear in 2 situations:
--- when we Select a Clip, to have the Option to switch between Connected and Unconnected Clip.
--- when we Copy - Paste, on the Paste button, choosing if the New Copies will be Connected or Not.

The Connected Copies must have an info icon which will let us know which clips are connected and which are not.

As example, in the Bottom-Left of the Connected Copies i added a "Link" Icon.

The Number from the "Link" Icon represents the Clip Version.
Because if we Copy Paste Clips using the Connected Option set to On, that means all these Clips are Version One.
If we Copy again the Clip but this time using the Connected Option set to Off, that means we will Edit that Clip, the Changes will not apply on the Other Copies, because this Clup is Not Connected with them and we will have Version 2 of the Clip.
Of course, if we want, after we created this new Version of the Clip (Clip version 2), we can create New Copies of it using the Connected Option set to On, all these "Version 2" copies being Connected to Eachother.
So these will have the Link Icon + plus the number 2, because these are copies of the Version 2 of the Clip.

If we Want to broke the Connection of a Clip, we just press on the Clip and switch the CONNECTION Toggle Button to Off.
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