Cracked or Warez versions of FL Studio or other Image-Line products ...

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Wed Nov 14, 2007 11:32 am

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Cracked or Warez versions of FL Studio or other Image-Line products ...

Help us protect your investment by reporting cracked Image-Line software you find online or elsewhere.

If you encounter a crack, serial, regkey, keygen or warez version of FL Studio (or any other of our products
like Deckadance, Sytrus, EZGenerator, Morphine, ...) please use our Abuse reporting form.

From there, we will bring our considerable resources to bear on the problem, Image-Line software
is protected by an aggressive and well funded legal team, we usually get results.

Please understand that it is NOT our policy to reward people in return for reporting illegal activity. We have experienced that it leads to some people
putting stuff online themselves and then reporting it afterwards. That said, we have logged (& had removed) 10,000's of downloads & Torrents gathered
from the ~15 new sites reported on an average day by our faithful customers.

Did you know that there are over 20,000 legitimate demo installations made each day? We provide a fully functioning demo so that people don't need
to use a cracked version to test FL Studio. You can even save projects created in the demo for later use (after purchase).


When you see a reference to FL Studio crack like this one, don't hesitate to report them:

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