MIDI player for audio cubes

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Mon Jan 04, 2010 2:18 am


MIDI player for audio cubes

I'm working on a plugin on SM to use it to play music with audio cubes.

The idea is to use one sensor as note trigger, but instead of just triggering notes it triggers a MIDI file (let's say with a melody) ...in other words, everytime you reach 127 on one sensor (tap the sensor) you trigger the next note out of a MIDI file.

I think is great for live performances using the cubes as "instruments" but in this case you don't have to struggle searching for the pitches, you just play the rhythm associated to the melody (sequence of pitches all with the same length) while controlling expression or any other controller using another sensor.

The problem is...how to send PPQ independently from host to a SM based MIDI player?

I tried on SynthEdit also, no way.

I need to make a MIDI player that has an internal clock controlled by a gate signal.

Any ideas?

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