Upgrade to ASIO soundcard or better CPU?

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Luke Satin
Tue May 03, 2011 8:29 am


Upgrade to ASIO soundcard or better CPU?


This is not related to FL10, I had those issues also in FL9. I don't have any problem with FL, I love it. I just want to ask what is better upgrade as I can buy only one of those things.

I have like 10 synths in project, one FPC (each sample on it's own channel with it's own VST effects). A lot of automation clips, modulation, filters as I like drum&bass only :-)

It plays quite well on dell laptop (dual core intel 2.2 ghz, 2gb ram, integrated intel hd audio), but if I start to tweak something with mouse or midi controller (akai mpd26 on usb) it starts to lag. CPU spikes to 100% and ASIO4ALL icon starts blinking to red. I have turned all the options for buffers in options and raised buffer in asio.

I understand that external soundcard like Creative E-MU would allow me to use midi controller in realtime mode with midi, not usb. But I think it won't help me with a lot of automation clips, synths and effects - or would some external asio buffer on this soundcard help me with CPU usage?

I can buy creative e-mu, m-audio or something. I can use both USB and Firewire (which would be faster of course).

OR I can buy AMD Phenom II 3.3 Ghz (dual core), 4 GB ram. I know that intel is faster at 3.3ghz, but I'm a student and this is the best I can get.

I know I can save everything to wav, but I'm always tweaking all the knobs and changing some automation and I want to create songs fast. I like to tweak different knobs and hear it live :-)

Thanks for replys :-)

Luke Satin
Thu May 05, 2011 2:10 pm


Re: Upgrade to ASIO soundcard or better CPU?

Thanks for the answer! I have the same opinion ...

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