Sample has contaminated my project

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Wed Aug 31, 2011 2:53 pm


Sample has contaminated my project

Hey everyone,

So I can't find a related question on the forums already, which I am kind of surprised about, as I have seen this problem in various forms, and occur to more than just me.

Anyways, my problem is that a sample I have (a short alarm hit) has managed to work it`s way into my entire project. What I mean is that when I play in either pattern or song mode, this short alarm hit plays about a half secind or so into playback. If it happens to be a pattern, the sound will replay at every loop. Note I have NOT done any recording, except with Edison to record the sample of the short alarm hit.

- The sound played is from one of my sample libraries. It is not a key hit on a synth or something. It is a recorded sample. Something I hacked up from a longer sound.
- The sound does not exist in any pattern or portion of the 'song'. I have removed any reference to the sample out of the step sequencer, and there is NOTHING in my playlist (yes the sound still plays and loops in song mode with NOTHING in the playlist)
- The sound pervades into new channels/tracks that I add to the step sequencer. Even with a freshly inserted channel into the step sequencer, the sound will "contaminate" that channel and play upon playback.
- It does not matter what pattern I am on (Pattern 1, Pattern 2 etc etc) the sound still plays, even with nothing in the step sequencer/all channels muted
-If I lengthen or shorten the pattern length, it will loop at the shortened or lengthened loop
- Closing and reopening the project/FL Studio, does not fix the problem.

Basically it is acting as if I have this sample in the step sequencer with the first beat turned on, except it does not appear in the step sequencer for me to remove. (yes I do have the view all selected in the step sequencer)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Thu Sep 01, 2011 1:58 pm


Re: Sample has contaminated my project

/facepalm I'm such a noob, thanks thats what i...

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