Tracks, Playlist, Mixer interactions

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Sat May 05, 2012 8:16 pm

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Tracks, Playlist, Mixer interactions

Unless any of this exists already and I'm missing something:


1. When a Strip in the Mixer is moved left or right, all related data assigned to that strip (ie: from an Instrument, a Channel FX.. EVERYTHING) should be updated accordingly. Currently, one has to go into the Channel Settings and manually update FX to the new Mixer Strip location. Also applies to FPC.
Essentially, ALL Mixer Strip settings, FX, Plugins should move with that Strip and sources updated accordingly.

2. Automate the "Assign Free Mixer Channel"
When assigning an instrument to existing/or creating a Channel in the Step Sequencer, have this process automatically create and populate a strip in the Mixer for that instrument or channel. Same goes for anything dragged into the Playlist.

3. Names and Colours should be automatically updated between the Channels/Playlist Tracks/Mixer Strips by default.
Currently, changing a track name/colour in any one of the above only affects that particular parameter and does not propagate to the others. For example: If I rename a Seq Channel as "DRUMS1" and select a RED colour, the related Playlist track and Mixer Strip do not update accordingly.. one has to manually update the name and colour in the Playlist track and Mixer Strip.
This would help keep everything organized and GREATLY reduce the time involved in identifying instruments, channels and their related playlist tracks / Mixer Strips especially in large projects.

a) Maybe have a function that colours and names by GROUP too?
b) Also have an option to bypass or override all of this. (Not sure why you'd want to though.)

4. Added bonus: Random or Gradient Colours for each new track/strip/channel added would be nice so that not everything defaults to the same colour.


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