Vestax Spin script (for Spin V1)

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Sat Dec 21, 2013 11:49 pm


Vestax Spin script (for Spin V1)

[1.3 update notes]

Updated blinkies to make use of the new current-beat indication and track-progress indicator. Also, optimized the light-control code to reduce the amount of spam on the USB bus. In theory this should make lights more responsive and reduce the chance of USB glitching. In practice wastefulness doesn't seem to carry any penalty on my system. :)

The Loop In/Out light now blinks when looping is engaged, so you'll remember that you did it. Would be interesting to blink the loop light along with the actual loop length, but a) this would be weird with loops > 1 measure, and b) this would require controlling blinks in fractions of a beat. (Do we have fractional beats?)

Added a track-end warning blinking of the Cue light (on the offbeats!) at 82%. I suppose it might make more sense to flash this with a time-remaining, or just to get an indication of "track end warning" direct from yet another nonexistant get() call. Heh. Hint hint.

Considered some prototype track position indication modes but none of them really cranked my tractor.

Considerable internal code refactoring, and hundreds of exit/restart cycles for deckadance. :) OK I'm really tired. Hope this helps somebody.

[1.2 update notes]

Mapped Mic FX/Mic Pitch etc to Deck A/B smart knobs, because that's a lot more versatile than just mapping to FX 1. Duh. (I didn't even find the smart knobs until today. Heh. Awesomeness.) This is script version 1.2. Leaving the original script in case somebody prefers the original weird mapping. You never know.

Updated! Better blinky light support. Also, should spam the USB port with a bit less MIDI data and there are some internal changes.

This script supports all controls and lights more or less. Shift key functionality is not implemented. The mappings are my preference--you may of course change them by editing the script.

There is a TODO list at the top of the script in the comments.

Mappings overview:

The lower half of the controller works as you would expect, except that there is no Shift control for rewind.

IN/OUT turns the loop on/off, and lights up to indicate this.
AUTO double the loop size, and lights up if your loop is > 1 measure
FX halves it, and lights up if your loop is < 1 measure

MIC ON/OFF and REC toggle smartknob 1 on/off in A/B
MIC FX and PITCH knobs control the position of smartknob 1 in A/B
The speed control is mapped to track pitch, not speed. Sometimes a speed control is nice... some ideas for different mappings are in the TODO list at the top of the script.

SYNC syncs. It lights on the side that is MASTER.
SYNC (-) sets the downbeat
SYNC (+) sets that track to MASTER

Enjoy. Or if you don't enjoy it, don't. Who am I to tell you what to enjoy? :)
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Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:33 am


Re: Vestax Spin script (for Spin V1)

Thanks for sharing, nice script... and comments...

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