Developing GLSL shaders in Visualizer - getting started

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VilleK (staff)
Wed Mar 11, 2015 12:51 pm


Developing GLSL shaders in Visualizer - getting started

Since we are getting shader developers from coming to these forums, I thought I'd write a short introduction on how to get started.

First install the latest FL-Studio beta version.

To start the Visualizer:
- Start FL and add "ZGameEditor Visualizer" plugin to the master mixer (or just open one of the demo projects in "Visualizer" folder)

The effects in the visualizer are individual script files located here: <your fl studio path>\Plugins\Fruity\Effects\ZGameEditor Visualizer\Effects

You can add new scripts and they will show up in the visualizer.

To use the effect script editor:
- Install ZGameEditor:
- Start ZGameEditor and go to Tools - Settings
- Click Associate zgeproj extension

ZGameEditor is a complete little IDE initially intended for game development. More info about it here:

Now when you are in FL you can right-click on an effect name and select "Edit in ZGameEditor". Then you can edit the shader, click save, and it will automatically reload in the visualizer.

In FL-Studio parameters can be automated so you can trigger different visuals at different positions in the song or you can connect a parameter to a peak controller and get audio reactivity that way. It is also possible to get direct access to fft and audio data.

To convert an existing shader to the visualizer:
- here are some notes on how I converted a shader from Shadertoy. There are some more info in that thread too.

Other links:
- Coding info about the Visualizer effects
- And some more coding info

Just ask if you need more help!

Wed Mar 11, 2015 5:02 pm


For Programmers: Prerequisites, Getting Started, Features, and ShaderToys.

Some tips for coders that want to develop effec...
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