Excellent free retrigger/beat-repeat FX

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Sun Jul 06, 2014 1:00 pm


Excellent free retrigger/beat-repeat FX

Looking for a great retrigger effect but Ilformed Glitch is a bit 'too much'?

I just stumbled on Phutboyslim, a simpel but very effective retrigger/beat-repeat/stutter effect. The maker's website has been dead for a while now, but there's a German guy still hosting it on his box-account.

You can trigger it through midi, using a Midi Out and setting up corresponding ports on the Midi Out and the plugin's (wrapper-)settings. Can also be played live. Apart from Midi, the plugin is also automatable (through 'Tools>Last Tweaked>create automation clip')
This version also has forward/reverse/pingpong options, although I think they are not automatable (?). But stacking two and using 1 forward and 1 reverse is possible using different midi-ports. Very low CPU, so no problem there.

You know the loop-effects on a Pioneer CD player? Think that, but better. The Gui even shows a turntable ;-)

Plugin listing:
http://www.kvraudio.com/product/phutboy ... ut/details

Plugin in action:

(the version in this vid is older and does not have forward/reverse/pingpong options)

Functional alternative download:
http://www.delamar.de/freeware/scuzzphu ... lim-11690/

Very Fun plugin!!

What the hell, I'll attach it here. It's been freeware since ever and there is no owner anymore. That's ok, yes?
EDIT: Since it's freeware turned orphanware and the owner has apparently stopped, perhaps Image Line can track him down and incorporate it as a fruity effect ;)
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Aaron Vega
Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:53 pm


Re: Excellent free retrigger/beat-repeat FX

I kiss your eyes my brother, I have been search...

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