Nektar Impact Series

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Fri Oct 19, 2012 1:51 pm


Nektar Impact Series

Manufacturer: Nektar

Product page: Here

Supported since: FL Studio 11

Manufacturer setup information: Here
Nektar Impact.jpg
Impact Controls = Function:

Track- = Select previous Mixer Track
Track+ = Select next Mixer Track
Patch- = Select previous FL Channel in the rack
Patch+ = Select next FL Channel in the rack
Inst = Open plugin window for Selected FL Channel
Shift+Inst = Cycle FX for current track
Mixer Open = Mixer Window
Shift+Mixer = Close Mixer Window
Cycle = Toggle pattern/song mode
Rewind = Rewind
Forward = Forward
Stop = Stop
Play = Play
Record = Record
Set L = Playback Slow
Set R = Playback Fast
Undo = Undo
Click = Click
Mode = Close all unfocused windows
Fader 9 = Volume for current mixer track
Button 9 = Solo for current mixer track


1. Enable "IMPACT LX" (detected as "generic MIDI controller") in the MIDI settings. Notes come from this device.
2. Enable "MIDIIN2 (IMPACT LX)" (detected as "Nektar Impact Series") in the MIDI settings. Knobs come from this device. Port should be autodetected as 155.
3. In the output section, set "IMPACT LX" (detected as "Nektar Impact Series") to port 155 (or whatever you changed the input one to).
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