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Sun Dec 31, 2017 6:45 am


Line in/Directsound mastering

I've done a project that is meant to augment too hush sounds, reduce too loud sounds, remove annoying frequencies, adjust 3 bands and stuff but it's too unstable and imperfect and i wondered if anyone would want to help me perfect the project file. I launch this project file with Windows by putting a shortcut to the file in %APPDATA%\Roaming\Windows\Start Menu\Startup and use VB Audio Cable to make the input. I mainly use it to better up my web experience but it follows me along any software that uses audio. To setup your PC correctly, Go to VB audio's website, make a donation if you wish to, download CABLE-A and install it, set windows's default out device as Cable-A, in FlStudio, use FL Asio and use CABLE A as input, your soundcard as output, and set channel 1's input as CABLE-A.

This is the work of a few years but i can'T reach the degree of quality i want either have all the features i want to work correctly so that's why i'm asking. I made a sweet lil interface that controls main features. Mapping can be viewed from project tree. You can link this interface's knobs to a midi controller like i did right where i stand.

The goal really is to be able to adjust whether or not i want noise reduction, whether or not i want loudness reduction, whether or not i want hushed sound boost and to what degree i want it, and to have plain control on L, M, H and NEUTRAL, which all has the possibility to be muted, using a midi controller, like i did right where i stand.

Note: Do not use without my permission in lucrative production. Feel free to use it for personal youtube browsing and movie watching. It might take a short while before i return. Be patient for permissions.

Note 2: In order to modify and save the project file, you need to own;
  1. FL Pro
  2. Maximus
  3. Transcient Processor
Note 3: You still can use the project with demo version of the plugins if it's only for local sound betterment while watching movies or browsing Youtube. You just won't be able to modify or save it.

Note 4: The goal is to create an adaptive and automated sound betterment project that asks the very least interaction in order to give pristine quality sound with any source.

Note 5: Using this project without my permission in lucrative ways would end in total disasters and i won't tell you why. You don't want to learn it the hard way and end up with shit quality audio so pay attention and contact me before doing anything your sound quality would regret.
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