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Thu May 17, 2018 11:08 am

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Features for Features in the New FL 20

So none of these are bugs, all just feature and comfort things I would like to be able to change myself, that's why I post them here rather than the RC thread.

First of, if I move a clip or selected patterns with Shift and Arrow keys, could it skip over hidden grouped tracks?
Nothing major, but it can be confusing where it landed when the track is invisible.

Love the feature btw, it will probably change how I deal with automation clips and so many other things.

Second, an option to reverse the positions of consolidated clips.
If I select some clips I want to consolidate for CPU stuff or just to have them neat, I would like to have the audio in the parent track, and all the things that just got consolidated in the grouped track.

So, for example, I would like to have this


Instead of this


Ideally, it should be something dependent on the workflow or what type of stuff I render, so I would suggest either having either something like the Stretch toggle or just a separate option like "consolidate and group tracks"

One reason for this would be, the way it is right now might be beneficial for things like consolidating audio to Save CPU.
Just freezing it there, having the audio in the hidden track and seeing the muted chords in the playlist that are played from the hidden track.

But on the other hand, if I were to do resampling and constant resampling and chopping and editing of the audio, I would like every layer to be pushed down into the group so I still have all the sources in FL.

If I want a less processed layer of whatever I'm doing at that time, I can open the grouped tracks and unmute the layer I need or copy it out of it.

Would be especially useful in a separate playlist arrangement for sound design.
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