Some features request (looking ahead).

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Fri May 18, 2018 2:26 pm

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Some features request (looking ahead).

Good morning!
First of all, congratulations again for the recently achievements with the new FL Studio 20!

As for the feature request:

1- Playlist/Piano Roll grid snap buttons;
Since now we have the option to customize and arange the buttons the way we like, i see no reason to add a few buttons for snapping to grid in both playlist and piano roll (as well as some hotkeys with it). Having fast snap options available will greatly improve the overall workflow when arranging patterns in the playlist, as well notes in the piano roll.

2- Draw automation patterns;
Not just as a creative tool for gating effects (which is nothing short than awesome) and such, but also for automating some controls on and off faster. I think the option for drawing automation steps snapping to playlist grid will be not just awesome, but an awesome tool for everyone, and definitely make FL Studio my go-to DAW.

3- Custom hotkeys;
Yeah, i know, it has been requested like a million times before, but it doesn't hurt reinforcing the request :D

4- Tab key to rename next channel/mixer/pattern;
Don't really need to explain this one now, do i?

5- I was about to ask the option to quickly reset selected mixers to default settings.........but well, i'm a little late with this one, i guess :roll:

6- Last tweaked automation clip hotkey;
Can we have it please??? I mean.........really, please???

Thanks again IL, and have a nive day!

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