Midi Fighter 3D not registering in OSX FLS20

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Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:18 pm

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Midi Fighter 3D not registering in OSX FLS20

:x Greetings all...
I'm having a hard time getting my DJTechTools' Midi Fighter 3D controller working.

- I've gone into the "OPTIONS" menu and clicked "MIDI settings"
Options Menu.png

- In the following launched window, I selected the correct "Controller Type" and enabled the "Midi Fighter 3D"
MIDI In-Out Devices.png

- Then with a loaded FPC drum controller, I selected the plugin and proceeded to go into its settings to Map the Midi Fighter's buttons.
Channel selected.png

- Clicked the dropdown arrow to reveal the menu options to pick "Map notes for entire bank"
Map Notes....png

- I then go to press the buttons on the Midi Fighter 3D to begin mapping and nothing happens. Nothing lights up on neither the controller nor the FPC plugin window. All I do get is a green notification inside the "Hint Bar" when I press any button on the Midi Fighter.
Hint Bar.png

- After repeated backtracking and retracing steps to make sure all has been done correctly....no avail. All I get is an error prompt when I either load another project or completely exit out of FL20.
FLS Error prompt.png

- I've also double checked to see that the Midi Fighter 3D's Firmware is up to date.....and it is.
Up to date.png

Beggin' for help for I'm WAAY too excited to get officially going on the hugely anticipated native FL.
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Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:31 am

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Re: Midi Fighter 3D not registering in OSX FLS20

What version of FL do you use? You can see this...

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