Have you ever used FL for non audio production purposes?

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Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:00 pm

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Have you ever used FL for non audio production purposes?

FL Studio is, obviously, a DAW - Digital Audio Workstation - a big thing primarily intended for doing anything you could want with audio. The vast arrays of instruments, effects, tools and everything, all intended to either help you shape the sound, or visualize it in fancy ways.

However, as almost any big thing, FL can be used to do something else - either for a specific goal that it just so happens to fit right in for, or just to chill off and mess with the things to see what kinds of monstrosities one can accomplish.

For example, I used FL to compile a bunch of videos together into one long video. That involved ripping audio tracks off original videos(as ZGEViz doesn't play audio), placing them one by one on the playlist, getting ZGameEditor Visualizer loaded with the videos themselves, automate "Image" layer's IMG SRC to switch between videos, and having it rewind all videos to 0 seconds when I send a midi note to it, to then put that pattern with that note in line with the audio tracks as well as the automation clip for IMG SRC for all 3 to switch to the next video in sync.

I was just too lazy to find myself free video editing software at that time. :? (and no, I already found Blender which does great for me in this regard)

For another example of mine, I made a videogame, fully in FL Studio, which I've already shown a couple of times on the forums, but someone else suggested to repost it here, so I decided to make this kind of a thread instead.
It's basically Flappy Bird - that old smartphone game that exploded a while back - except all in FL Studio, with everything stock except a few decorative images.
I've made a big post in the off-topic forum a while back, and I don't feel like copying it here, so instead I urge you to click on this link and check it out:
Or at least look at an equally old video of the game:

Anyways, enough bragging. As I asked, in which ways have you used FL Studio that was not specifically audio oriented? (being a nerdy psycho is lonely :( )

Sat Jan 12, 2019 2:27 pm

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Re: Have you ever used FL for non audio production purposes?

Yes, I have.flt.jpg
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