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Mon Jan 14, 2019 7:04 pm

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FL Studio 20 corrupting saved files (typical fixes tried)


I have had multiple save files corrupt on me now. I will be providing any available diagnostic information as soon as possible this afternoon (at school). I have tried the typical fixes (opening backup files, adjusting audio drivers, diagnostic tool to add/remove plugins and running new file).

I have lost a lot of quality work because of this and I'm getting very frustrated. As far as I can tell I'm using correct settings (sometimes I try to adjust drivers and it just crashes on me). I've heard some people have luck in fixing corrupt files by editing hex values in the header of the file and that was going to be my next course of action, though I wanted to reach out first for advice on any potential fixes.

I thought that it might be a hardware issue and that my hard disk had corrupted sectors or something but from what I can tell its a software issue. The reason I think this is because I tried working on a project on a separate laptop I have the program installed on and my friend and I tried creating a rough master of a track two separate times and both projects either crashed or corrupted.

Most of the projects that I use include multiple slicex instances, fruity effect plugins, 3rd party synth and effect plugins, and usually have multiple bridged plugins (curious if this might be the issue for some reason?).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I can provide whatever info might possibly help you as well. As stated before, I will be posting diagnostics from any of the files that I can find and access this afternoon. If there is any other info (.flp etc) you might need please let me know.

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