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Andrew Janow
Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:24 am

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Orbital | Andrew Janow | Progressive EDM

Hey everyone, hope you all enjoy.

This is today's track. I may work on it some more Monday, we'll see.
I've been focused again on working with arrangements, trying to get a tight mix and starting to experiment with automation's and such. I've also started reading lots of information on the different audio signal types and waves so I can start tweaking and creating my own sounds.

That said does anyone know of some decent sample libraries that won't break the bank? I'm using FL Studio 20 Producer edition and it would be nice to have access to some drum loops, vocals, FX, etc... Even just to see how they were created so I can start learning to make my own.

I'll be setting up my Perception 220's on my 7'6" Grand this week, as I'm really starting to dislike all the Piano sounds I have access to in FL Studio. I just have to work out some logistics, because it's so big it's in our living room, and my music production is in the office :/

I have a computer out there, I wonder if FL Studio will allow me to open the same file @2 computers and if it will update any changes real time from 1 to another? That would be pretty perfect!

Anyway thanks for listening!

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