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Jan Jensen [DK]
Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:24 am

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Return to Alpha | New release | Synthpop (updated 5/4)

Ten years ago,
I returned to earth.
Now it's time,
to leave again.
To say goodbye,
brakes my heart.
But now I return,
return to Alpha.

Track updated 17-03-2019: Upload to SC
Track updated 17-03-2019: Added some whispering vocals to the break and at the end (still testing)
Track updated 18-03-2019: Added some whispering vocals (lyrics) and remove a few parts in the end
Track updated 19-03-2019: Added a new layered kick drum
Track updated 21-03-2019: Added a robotic voice (launch sequence)
Track updated 24-03-2019: Uploaded to Aggregator
Track updated 05-04-2019: Final release

Just want to share my latest project with your. Motivation for making music has been a little down due to a stressful time at work... but now I'm back :D

As always, any comments and feedback is much appreciated. The end are a little abrupt, don't know if that works or not?

Kind regards,
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