Baroque records - Futurefy Records (WARNING and be careful don't be scammed)

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Thu Apr 11, 2019 11:00 am

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Baroque records - Futurefy Records (WARNING and be careful don't be scammed)


In the past I loved Baroque records, releasing artists like Armin Van Buuren, and more nice Djs, was used to be a quality label.

Unfortunately this post is to warn you about Baroque Records, this label was bought by Thomas Vitali, you can do a re-search about Thomas Vitali on FB, on where you will find many information about him, who is good known as a scammer.

Baroque Records Label | Releases | Discogs
Thomas Vitali | Discography & Songs | Discogs

In the past he was the creator of Psynina, a project of Psytrance promoted as a music producer woman, that in reality does never existed, and this was discovered after scamming many people around.

Nowadays Thomas has a new project called; TheLaVish, which is obviously done by Ghost producers who are payed to realize his project and create the product with his social networking skills. Nothing new in the electronic music world.

After this introduction about Thomas Vitali and backing to the point of the thread, the next links are from artists who experienced a misuse of his music, caused by Thomas Vitali using his labels and taking advantage on where Plusquam Records is now the matrix of label groups like Baroque Records.

You can find in the comments of each post link a BIG bunch of artists who have been affected by this bad experiences with Thomas Vitali, is impressive how many of them and the cynicism of Thomas in their email replies threatening to the artists. (You can find the screenshots on the comments)

So here it is first example:

From artist 1 wall (check link for full topic):
So i go on Spotify to check my release on Baroque Records & what a suprise, a different name for writer & producer..... Thomas Vitali is a con artist.... please share this...

If you wanna look more, check this ones:

From artist 2 wall (check link for full topic):
It is an important post to all my fellow musicians, producers, singers and artists. Don't rush to sign your tracks to whoever wants to sign them - take your time and do your research and find a label that respects you. So why am I so pissed? Here is why. When I was young and inexperienced (some can say stupid), I released with Plusquam Records. Label boss and contract person was Thomas Sunstryk Vitali....

From artist 3 wall (check link for full topic):
I never make this kind of post but seriously; what a lack of respect and professionalism on the part of a man called Thomas Vitali "on charge of the already abandoned German label "Plusquam Records", who was dedicated to create this kind of disrespectful situations, re publishing in this case my 9 years old material as new on several times. Until now "Blue Essence EP" was released on iTunes 4 times as an "Album"...

So to finish with this topic, always be careful on where you sign your music. If you see Thomas Vitali around or involved, remember this thread.

You can find the labels involved with Thomas Vitali here:

Feel free to share copy/paste this information so we can help to inform people and warn to avoid be scammed.

No matter the author of this topic, just the justice.

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Thu Apr 11, 2019 6:56 pm

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Re: Baroque Records? Scam Warning!

This is why I will never sign with a label. No ...

Fri Apr 12, 2019 1:10 am

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Re: Baroque Records? Scam Warning!

Kid Anthem 2016 wrote:No way any label would si...

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