Selling my PsP-audio Software .

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Thu May 02, 2019 6:15 pm

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Selling my PsP-audio Software .

Hello ,
Update , dropping my price's even lower .
I'm currently looking for people who might be intrested in Psp-Audio Plugins.
I'll make list of my plugins

PsP Vintagewarmer 2 €30 ( Original Price $149) *
Analogue Warmth & Multiband comp.

PsP Mixpack 2 €70 ( $200 )
6plugins dedicated for mixbus ( good for most bus processing or creative )
Warm Comp ,Gate , Utility , Transient shaper , Saturator , Bass Enhancer .

Psp Xenon €40 $249)
Pristine Mastering limiter , with leveler for controlling rapid volume pumping
3 different lookahead feature's ( very good limiter in my opinion )

PsP StompFilter+Delay €20 ( (2)* $80) *
Creative delay and Filtering ' all kinds of things can be done with these )
Flanger , Chorus , Phaser .

PsP easyverb €10 ( $69)
Easy to use reverb , just slap it on the mixer channel .

PsP OldTimer €25 ( $119 )
oldschool compressor has some nice valve saturation .

Psp E27 € 25 ( $149 )
Eq with an Air band and MS options , Saturation if needed.

My plugin bundle €150 .

These are my price's for them.
Fair discount imo.
If u want to contact me , just post a reply , with a link so i can pm u .

*pls also note that I'm not offering refunds .
you can get demo's from their site or other 3rd party distribution platforms .

if your looking for warmth or analog colour ,
This might be for you .

From their website " We allow license transfers. Simply find buyer and ask him/her to open an account at our user area and send us your and his/her user IDs and name of the asset to transfer. There is no transfer fee. "

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