How do you make the arpeggio count the other way?

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Tue May 14, 2019 8:55 pm

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Re: How do you make the arpeggio count the other way?

Check the active envelopes in those presets to know how things in them are done.

For example [in Harmor] choose Presets > Tutorials and Tricks > General > "Arpeggio".
Select the volume envelope and right-click the points to see context menu, which shows their "Arpeggiator break" settings. These should give an idea of how arpeggiation works. Notice that unless each step ends in a point at 0% volume, the chord will also be heard underneath single notes.

Now, for pitch envelope, you can test it by copying the volume envelope with arpeggiator break settings ("Copy state") and pasting it into pitch envelope ("Paste state"). Now the pitch envelope should also have an effect on played notes.

Beyond that, it's just testing and learning, and checking manual and example presets if needed :)

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