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New Memory
Thu May 16, 2019 3:16 pm

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Favorite sounds/presets Pool

Hello, I tend to use the browser to create pathways for my custom presets, midi, and samples.

it gets the job done but I really think some sort of favorites pool would be a wonderful option.

I imagine it being a click able drop down menu somewhere next to the transport or patterns tool bar.

The user could select a sample from the browser or windows shell menu and drag and drop it into this favorites pool, the pool would then automatically categorize it as a sample, same with channel presets and fst. Files and midi files.

This would be so great because then I can consolidate all of my 3rd party presets and custom FL studio presets without having to navigate and find user preset folder pathways for all my different instruments and effects plug-ins.

Now for samples, it's usually easy enough to find my samples in the browser but if there are a few Go-to samples that I consistently use, I could drag and drop them into this pool and FL would copy the folder pathway for that specific sample or samples, this way I wouldn't have to copy or move the sample from the original folder. Selecting multiple samples would be a must have for this.

Anyways that's my idea, let me know what you think!

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