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Thu Jun 27, 2019 11:15 pm


MIDI Sync with external instruments

FLS Windows 20.1.2
Windows 10 latest patches

I'm not sure if this is the place to post this question or not. I honestly don't know. I've read all the MIDI documentation, I've watched YouTube videos, I've tried everything.

I've got a Microfreak and a TB-3 and I can use them both with USB MIDI and MIDI DIN connectors to: Input notes (Ie. a generic controller), and I can also use the MIDI Out plugin to send notes to both devices and have audio play from both of them as expected. MIDI seems to be talking to both devices just fine. Both via USB and MIDI DIN methods.

However, both devices have sequencers and I cannot seem to get FLStudio to sync with either of them. This is where my MIDI knowledge kind of falls apart. Shouldn't I be able to select a sequence on either device and somehow kick it off with the set Tempo of FLS as the master? On the Microfreak I am unable to get a sequence to begin at all. It seems like it's locked out. On the TB-3 I can press play and the sequence will play, but it's not in sync. I have confirmed on both devices that they will use USB Host as the clock.

If someone can explain what I can and cannot do, or has a video they can point me to specifically on using external instruments sequencers to sync with FLStudio that would be awesome. I have seen about 50 videos on how to simply hook a device up, which is about as simple as it can be. But nothing beyond that.

In the FLS MIDI settings I do have "Send master sync" enabled for both devices. It shows "SYNC" in grey letters next to the channel. Turning this on or off doesn't seem to make any difference to get the sequencers synced up.

I have tried both devices individually. I haven't tried connecting both at the same time yet. I figure I'd like to get this working on one device before attempting both.

Thu Jun 27, 2019 11:45 pm


Re: MIDI Sync with external instruments

Some sequencers have issue with the way FLS doe...

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