ADSR Sample Manager (why god it must be this?) kills my FL Topic is solved

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Fri Feb 14, 2020 1:53 am


ADSR Sample Manager (why god it must be this?) kills my FL

Hi again :D I have the following problem using the ADSR Sample Manager in FL Studio 20.6.1. Also the VST (not 3) same problem. Hope anyone can help me? Thank You.

External exception E06D7363
00000000039B0000:0000000003E1E9F1: FLEngine.dll
00000000039B0000:00000000039BA459: FLEngine.dll
0000000077420000:00000000774A8D84: ntdll.dll
0000000077420000:0000000077494226: ntdll.dll
000000006C950000:000000006CDB5039: ADSR Sample Manager.vst3
000000006C950000:000000006CDDE6D7: ADSR Sample Manager.vst3
000000006C950000:000000006CDDE727: ADSR Sample Manager.vst3
000000006C950000:000000006CF9E585: ADSR Sample Manager.vst3
000000006C950000:000000006CFA008D: ADSR Sample Manager.vst3
000000006C950000:000000006CFA1682: ADSR Sample Manager.vst3
000000006C950000:000000006CF280E9: ADSR Sample Manager.vst3
000000006C950000:000000006CD87369: ADSR Sample Manager.vst3
000000006C950000:000000006CD867A6: ADSR Sample Manager.vst3
000000006C950000:000000006CCD547B: ADSR Sample Manager.vst3
000000006C950000:000000006CEF6F3F: ADSR Sample Manager.vst3
000000006C950000:000000006CCA5D72: ADSR Sample Manager.vst3
000000006C950000:000000006CCA63D8: ADSR Sample Manager.vst3
000000006C950000:000000006CE9859E: ADSR Sample Manager.vst3
000000006C950000:000000006CCCAD54: ADSR Sample Manager.vst3
000000006C950000:000000006CCCDB9A: ADSR Sample Manager.vst3
000000006C950000:000000006CCCCD45: ADSR Sample Manager.vst3
0000000075D50000:0000000075D9438B: user32.dll
0000000075D50000:0000000075D74F8C: user32.dll
0000000075D50000:0000000075D740DE: user32.dll
0000000075D50000:0000000075D73EC0: user32.dll
00000000039B0000:0000000003C25E1A: FLEngine.dll
00000000039B0000:0000000004033832: FLEngine.dll
0000000000B80000:0000000000B83EF5: FL.exe
0000000000B80000:0000000000B84410: FL.exe
0000000000B80000:0000000000B852D1: FL.exe
0000000074CB0000:0000000074CC6359: KERNEL32.DLL
0000000077420000:0000000077487B74: ntdll.dll
0000000077420000:0000000077487B44: ntdll.dll

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