[REQUEST] Playlist Recommendations with Image attached

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Fri Jul 24, 2020 9:58 am


[REQUEST] Playlist Recommendations with Image attached

Label song arrangement parts
Marker covers the whole intended part instead of just having a small tag.
Ability to choose color.

Automation clips Selection
Enables when the track is assigned as an Audio Track or Instrument Track.
(I think Automation Clips should be locked and unmovable in the
full song or in a clip to avoid getting lost in the project when it gets too large
when users want to have unique automation drawing for a short clip, the user should click “Make Unique”)

Select playlist tracks
Useful when consolidating multiple tracks
Useful when grouping tracks
Useful when deleting multiple tracks
Useful when moving multiple tracks
Useful when you want to choose which track you want your recorded sound will take place.

Group within groups.
Useful when instrument has many layers.
Useful when sounds has many layers.
Helps making a group bus for mixing
Also useful for automation clips.

Missing Edit Option
Delete the selection and space (delete/trim selection and add blank space).

Declicking method
Instead of selecting (Smooth, Transient...etc)
(Hoping it could be implemented in the playlist too)

Double clicking the track header should open the mixer track assigned to it.

Music has changed, and users has also changed, i think it is time to implement features that's for serious production in FL.
I wanted FL to have that "Commit" approach workflow by having consolidating multiple tracks by selection and it will greatly help with CPU and compiling stem tracks to send it for mixing. It will greatly help with production rather that "Render all playlist tracks".

Thank you IL team.
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