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Dirty Jerry Remix
Tue Jun 22, 2021 2:56 am


Link controller Button

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Everyone, I'm stuck
I have simplified my logic gate last time
But I found that the problem is that the mode of operation of Link Control prevents my Buttons from working with each other.
In short, it must have the effect of interactive input. The exchangeable master-slave relationship can control each other but cannot be hidden by the hierarchy.
I want to make a Switch with SPDT function, but I don’t seem to see such a function in Control Creator.
The main reason is to return the output to the original control element. Similar to the concept of return or feedback
I want to print the output status back to the operating status of another component, which is the opposite state of each other (01, 10)
But because of functional requirements, it needs to be operated separately and presents the third state (00)
But in the third state, the original switch mode can be retained, no need to return, but the final output needs to be (00)
Because I want his mode to be switch, but I can intuitively point to the mode I need, so I don’t have to switch.
But the FL model only has a master-slave relationship, and there is no way to control each other or give back values.
And if you manually switch the sub-items, it will have a memory effect, and the current value will be fixed, so that the control elements of the parent category cannot operate the underlying items.
Can someone help me solve this problem?

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各位 我卡關了
但我發現問題是Link Control的運作模式 使得我的Button無法相互運作
簡而言之 就是要有交互input的作用 互為可交換的主從關係 能相互控制 但又不能被層級遮蔽
我想要製作有單刀雙擲功能的Switch 但是Control Creator裡好像沒看到有這種功能
主要是希望能把output回傳給原始控制元件 類似return或feedback的概念
我想把輸出狀態print回傳另一個元件的操作狀態 就是互為反相的狀態(01,10)
但因為功能需求 所以需要分開操作 呈現第三種狀態(00)
但在第三種狀態之下可以保留原始開關模式 不必回傳 但最終輸出需為(00)
因為我希望他的模式是switch 但卻又能直覺的點需要的模式 不必切換
可是FL的模式就是只有主從關係 沒辦法相互控制或是迴授回傳值
而且如果手動切換了子項目 他就會產生記憶效應 把目前的值給固定住 使得父類別的控制元件無法操作底層項目

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