A couple more of requests/ideas

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Fri Jun 24, 2022 11:06 am


A couple more of requests/ideas

1. 3xOsc - Ya know, its just very helpful, for making basic synths, supersaw module can't really always do job like 3xOsc does on pc.

2. Delay and Hold knobs in LFOs - Synths are pretty satisfying when it has vibrato but instead of using the Attack knob, it uses the Delay knob instead.

3. Better EQ - I had already posted my idea of it, maybe there other better ideas so.. Yeah.

4. Soundgoodizer - Although it is pretty lazy, it certainly is very helpful, if it's not possible then maybe add something like Maximus instead?

5. More support for non synth instruments - What I mean is that it always seems like the app is always focused on making analog/synth /pop/electronic music, there arent alot of effects that are for acoustic instruments (like Guitar AMPs or etc.) ,and maybe some more instruments like unamped guitars, or some other orchestral instruments such as tubular bells, etc.

6. Slide, and Portamento notes - For more convinent pitch bending, because the pitch bend automations only goes 4 notes up and down.

7. Gross Beat - Glitches n stuff (ex. "An Enigmatic Encounter REMASTERED")

8. Custom Themes - I saw it on a release of the plugin version (4.0.7 iirc), it sould be great to make custom themes for different types of people..

9. Different samples for different velocities - It would be cool to have different articulations without mapping them to different parts of the piano roll. Like what Shreddage 1/Shreddage X does in the Kontakt plugin.

10. Soundfont Player - Yeah, I know they don't sound very good but yeah, they can be very helpful sometimes.

11. Better Delay/Delay 2 - The current delay (in my opinion) lacks controls. Also please add the ability to pan it and everything Fruity Delay 2 from FL Studio PC can do.

12. Mixer Presets - Comes in handy when recreating tracks/ or when someone asks how I made something sound like they do.

13. Better DirectWave DWP support - I said this in a previous post, but Round Robins don't quite work like they're supposed to, and they always play at random. Instead of the samples being played at the different velocities like they're mapped, they become Round Robins instead. Being able to add different articulations for a single instrument without having to pan them in a different part of the piano roll will definitely be a good update. As well as being able to enable, and disable to phaser, distortion, and other effects that was added in the DirectWave plugin in FL Studio PC.

14. Better control for velocities - Well, it's not very easy to control the velocities, maybe add something to snap it into place and zoom in like in the PC version?

15. Per note pitch/volume/panning, and maybe different MIDI channels?? - So that I dont have to make autumations whenever I want to change the panning of different notes (might be lazy but that's how i see others do it on PC). As well as different MIDI channels, which can also support Slide Notes and Portamento Notes when they get added. (If that gets added then well get different colored notes).

16. Something like Edison - Well... so that I can make sounds and make .wav samples directly on mobile.

17. Soundfont to DWP app/function converter - Well, if soundfont player isn't gonna be implemented at all (which I really think its isn't) then plz make a basic app/function to the app to convert soundfont patches to dwps. (Might have some problems though because sometimes DirectWave messes pitches up).

18. Better Organizing - Ya know, my FLM Projects kinda looks like a complete mess, and also pretty tedious when I hook up some channels into FX Channel. Or make it so that when I solo an instrument it automatically puts the FX Channel it's hooked to solo as well.

19. BPM Autumations and Time Signature changing - Well, those 2 are really needed on the app for quite a while, although changing the Time Signature through out the song is probably unlikely.

20. Being able to change Time Base - To reduce CPU usage, because some of my projects lag like hell.

21. More decimals for the BPM - Yeah, this is an issue that sometimes prevents me from being able to recreate some songs, along with BPM Autumation, and Gross Beat.

Ngl I really want a guitar amp and better guitars, if this too much/stressful too look out for devs, then maybe just ignore some of these...
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Sat Jun 25, 2022 10:52 pm


Re: A couple more of requests/ideas

All of these are excellent suggestions, and the...

Sat Jul 02, 2022 1:49 pm


Re: A couple more of requests/ideas

Cadena lateral y mid said o algún efecto como p...

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