Fl Studio 21 does not open projects that have been changed directory

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Wed Dec 07, 2022 12:08 am


Fl Studio 21 does not open projects that have been changed directory

I have copied the folder of a project in a different directory in which it was created and when trying to open the project with Fl Studio 21 by double clicking it does not open.

In order to open the project I have to open Fl Studio 21 first and then search for the project

Edit 1: It is worth mentioning that this happens to me when Fl Studio 21 is already configured by default to open .flp files.

I've also noticed that double-clicking the .flp files created with Fl Studio 20 won't open them.

Edit 2: I have realized that the error that I mention only happens when I copy the project folder to a different hard drive from the place where I have Fl Studio 21 installed.

Let me explain, I have Fl Studio installed on my hard drive C: and the projects I try to open are on my hard drive D:

When I try to open the .flp files on my hard drive D: nothing happens. However, when I copy my projects to the C: drive, they can be opened by double-clicking the .flp file.

Edit 3: I have found the root of the problem and a solution. I have noticed that when the project folder is inside another folder that contains accented characters in its name, for example: ó, á, é, etc. Fl Studio 21 does not open the project when double clicking the .flp file.

The same is also true if the .flp file name contains some letters with accents, eg "análisis proyecto 1".

I have solved it by removing the accents from the names of some folders and projects. By doing this they can already be opened in the way I mentioned.

Even so, I would like to be able to open them without having to make these modifications, since with Fl Studio 20 this did not happen to me.

Note: I apologize if my message is not well written, I have translated my message from Spanish to English.
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