FL Studio 21.1 Alpha/Beta 1 (9th June 2023)

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Fri Jun 09, 2023 10:31 am


FL Studio 21.1 Alpha/Beta 1 (9th June 2023)


Welcome to FL Studio 21.1 Beta No. 1. Please read everything below carefully!

FL Studio 21 BETA.png

READ THIS! (If nothing else):
  • This release is a mix of Alpha and Beta features. We do this to give you early access and provide feedback before development is locked down! If you have a suggestion how something could work better. Now is the time to make it.
  • Expect to be chastised if you complain this release is unstable or buggy! If bugs annoy you, please stop here and use 21.0.3.
  • Do not use Alphas / Betas for mission critical projects. This release is far from final and will change significantly before it is ready.
  • By default this will install in parallel to your current FL Studio location/s.
  • Betas will expire! A replacement Beta may not be ready when it does.

OK? Continue ...

  • macOS Dragging and dropping files from the Finder/Desktop to FL Studio may crash.
What's New - * = Added to Beta Manual.
  • Piano roll
    • New piano roll marker category: Key/scale *
    • Added a snap to scale button to the piano roll toolbar *
    • Added support for Python scripts to the piano roll Tools menu
    • Force the MIDI import window to show by holding the Alt key when dropping a file on the Piano roll
  • FL Studio
    • Added a per-project data folder location setting *
    • Added a Reset option to the typing keyboard menu *
    • Added a way to rename projects (in Project settings) *
    • Added an option to automatically download installers for new versions of FL Studio *
    • Added colorful waveforms to playlist audio clips, browser sample preview and the sample view in channel settings *
    • Added drag and drop for the channel's "Save channel state as" menu *
    • Added French language *
    • Added macros to detach and reattach all plugin editor windows *
    • Added new locations for where project backups can be stored (relative to project)*
    • Added support for export to M4A files to the render window *
    • Clicking on the looking glass in the plugin picker will start to type *
    • Installers for new versions of of FL Studio are now downloaded automatically (as an option)
    • Message shown to detect tempo when loading an MP3 file is not always correct
    • Popup menu for audio and automation clips in the picker panel has a "Patcherize" option
    • Renamed the Update button in the unlock window to Renew
    • Saving a project with a data folder to a zip file still saves content to the data folder afterwards
    • Show currently selected theme in the preset list
    • "Save as template" option added to the File menu *
  • New plugins
  • Playlist
    • "Crossfade" menu option added for fade handles *
    • Added an "Automatic crossfades" option to the playlist menu (it was already in Project settings) *
    • Fade handles are now hidden on some tools
    • Allow dragging an audio clip from the picker panel to any place that accepts an audio file *
    • Ctrl + Click on the track selector in the Playlist selects the fade in handle of a clip
    • Audio Clip fade handles now have a "Create crossfade" menu option
    • The Playlist position and zoom level are not reset when opening a new project
    • The position and zoom levels for the Playlist window are now remembered per project
    • Zooming on the far right edge of the Playlist, Piano roll and event editor is not correct
  • Browser
    • Added an option to the Browser to prevent hiding when an item is dragged from it (when detached) *
    • Added option to show parent folders in favorites tab *
    • Added an option to save search results as a new Browser Tab
    • Changed the name of "Sort by" for Browser tabs to "Sort files by"
    • Renamed the "Tree" view in the Browser to "Columns"
  • Updated Plugins
    • Added a Coloring option to the View > Display settings menu in Edison, Slicex and Fruity Convolver *
    • Edison: the Declipper now is now based on an AI model
    • NewTime, NewTone: moved the Link Playback and Scroll Lock buttons under the transport controls
    • FLEX: show presets included in a pack when browsing the built-in shop
    • Fruity Slicer: the plugin window is now resizable when a sample is loaded
    • Ogun: Re-implemented "Create Pad Harmonics"
    • Beepmap is now a full generator instead of a hybrid one (now works in Patcher) *
  • Mixer
    • Dropped Mixer presets are opened on all selected mixer tracks

All Changes (since 21.0.3)
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