FL Studio 21.2 Beta 2 with FL Cloud [18 Sept 2023]

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Mon Sep 18, 2023 9:09 am


FL Studio 21.2 Beta 2 with FL Cloud [18 Sept 2023]

BETA 3 NOW HERE <-- This is a link, click it!

Welcome to the FL Studio 21.2 Beta 2 with FL Cloud, Stem Separation, Kepler and more ...

We’re excited to announce FL Cloud. To speed up your workflow, reduce distractions and provide more time to stay in the creative zone FL Cloud integrates online sound libraries, content, tools and services directly into FL Studio.

In the first Beta we started with a large library of loops and samples which can be found under the new SOUNDS tab in the browser. As a follow-up we are now adding FL Cloud Mastering (further details below). We consider FL Cloud an ever-evolving offering and will continue to expand it over time and during the beta-phase.

Full access to FL Cloud is free during the Beta and you can keep what you download. After the official release FL Cloud will be available to all FL Studio users in the following ways:
  • Free - FL Cloud will include access to a library of free sounds in the new Sounds tab that will be constantly updated. It will also include an entry version of the newly introduced FL Cloud Mastering service.
  • One-off purchases - Buy credit-packs, as a one-off purchase, and get full access to the complete sound library with a set number of non-expiring download credits.
  • Subscription - Unlimited access to the constantly growing full sound library along with the extended feature set of FL Cloud Mastering. No credits or other virtual currencies will be required.
About subscriptions - As this is the first mention of 'subscriptions' in association with the FL Studio brand, I want to take this opportunity to re-state that FL Studio will always be available for outright purchase and will always include Lifetime Free Updates (LFU) when purchased. We have worked hard for over 25 years to maintain trust in the LFU promise. FL Cloud and any optional subscriptions to the content and services it provides will not replace FL Studio’s Lifetime Free Updates business model, now or in future. LFU is part of our company culture and DNA and no one will be forced into a subscription to use FL Studio.

As we are planning to expand FL Cloud with more online-connected features and services we will always attempt to provide free versions alongside any paid feature where possible.

Video from Josh with a tutorial ...

Please try FL Cloud and the other new features in FL Studio 21.2 and let us know what you think. We’d be happy to know what content, features, services and/or tools you would like to see next.



To use FL Cloud you need to login with your Image-Line Account:
  • After installing the beta Click on the link shown
  • Login using your Image-Line Account details



This is a Beta test version and it is not an official release. Betas have more bugs, are more likely to crash and may include unfinished features. If you use a Beta for mission critical work, you do so at your own risk! This will install in parallel to the official release version and will not overwrite any critical files if you use the default installation settings.
  • Kepler for macOS has white octave buttons on macOS running on Intel or in Rosetta mode on Apple Silicon.
  • FL Cloud - Integrated content and services:
    • Mastering - A fast and easy way to master your mixdown using automatic genre detection to optimize results according to your style of music and compliant to the specifications of all major digital streaming platforms. Find it under File > Export > Master ...
    • Browser search - Extend your local browser search via direct shortcut to FL Cloud Sounds from the panel shown at the bottom of the Browser when you search for local files.
    • Themes - The Sounds Tab now follows the main FL Studio Theme.
  • Stem Separation - From the Audio Clip Menu, choose 'Extract stems from sample' to split audio into component tracks (Drums, Bass, Instruments and Vocals).
  • Themes - Now include customizable audio frequency-to-color customization. Use responsibly!
  • Kepler (Producer Edition) - Authentic Juno-6 emulation included free and retrospectively in FL Studio Producer Edition and up.


  • 16317 Added a menu item to downloaded content in the browser to show its pack in the Sounds panel
  • 16005 Added an option to change how the paint tool in the piano roll works when holding the Shift key
  • 16279 Added context aware support for the buffer length control in audio settings
  • 15981 Added mouse scrolling speed sliders to the Input section of General settings
  • 15649 Added stem separation for audio clips in the playlist
  • 14348 Merged the help and tools buttons for MIDI controllers
  • 16314 Muted audio clips don't show colorful waveforms now
  • 16143 New automation clips are now added at the position of the playback cursor
  • 16205 Pressing the return key in the new Save As window will save the project
  • 16392 Project items in the browser now have a "project" tag
  • 11490 Renamed "background rendering" in the render window to "minimize when rendering"
  • 16148 Samples that weren't found when a project is loaded are now remembered after saving
  • 3921 Scale highlighting is now saved per project
  • 16290 Show some FL CLOUD Sounds results in a panel when searching in the browser
  • 16330 The message that asks to delete recorded files when a project is closed can now be hidden
  • 16181 Warnings that can be hidden are now categorized in General settings
  • 15816 Wave colors can now be themed in the theme editor
  • 16364 Slicex: new markers are now added at the playback position
  • 16145 Vintage Phaser: added "Drive" and "Inv FB" controls
  • 16359 MIDI scripting: added a "value" parameter for channels.soloChannel
  • 16358 MIDI scripting: scripts can now solo track groups in the playlist

Bug fixes

  • 16408 Color selectors in Themes settings don't always open on the correct screen
  • 16280 Dropping files on an audio track in the playlist doesn't assign the track to all created channels
  • 16318 Browser has the wrong size when auto-hide is on and the Sounds tab is selected
  • 16327 Crash when hiding the Sounds tab in the browser while a sample is playing
  • 16347 Crash when the Sounds tab is hidden and the browser is refreshed
  • 16339 Empty channel filters aren't deleted when undoing inserted channels
  • 16381 Loading a broken audio file with a project will show multiple "Find missing samples" messages
  • 16368 Moving a selection of mixer tracks also includes the active track when it's not selected
  • 16142 No undo for dropped effect plugins on channels in the channel rack
  • 16399 Playlist scroll and zoom settings can change when switching arrangements
  • 16398 Playlist scroll positions aren't always restored correctly when switching arrangements
  • 16252 Previewing loops in the browser syncs to tempo when the program isn't playing
  • 16376 Project names that contain only spaces aren't shown in the hint panel while loading
  • 16232 Replacing a sample in sampler channels starts a file search when it shouldn't
  • 16294 Resetting a track to default creates a project backup
  • 16079 Selecting a pattern in the picker panel doesn't select a channel for that pattern in the channel rack
  • 16045 Setting favorite plugins in Plugin Manager is slow and constantly updates the browser
  • 16382 Shift + scroll wheel in the mixer only moves one track when multiple tracks are selected
  • 16387 The current mixer track is not reset to "Master" when starting a new project
  • 16391 The filename for armed mixer tracks isn't reset when opening a different project
  • 12791 The filter group of audio clip channels resets when the sample is replaced
  • 16386 The Sounds tab isn't shown when clicking on "Show more results" in browser search results
  • 16379 The Sounds tab steals space bar pressed from the program
  • 16264 The "Start new project" option is on by default when dropping a MIDI file on the channel rack
  • 16369 The time multiplier resets for channels that were created by Make unique
  • 16375 Harmor: crash when opening a project
  • 16402 Sawer: high CPU usage when pressing repeated notes
  • 16371 Edison scripting: crash when trying to run a script file that no longer exists
  • 16366 Piano roll scripting: checkbox looks strange at some scaling settings
  • 16390 Piano roll scripting: ScriptDialog.Execute() returns True when the dialog was canceled
  • 16396 Piano Roll scripting: script is not applied when ShowMessage is used in the apply function
  • 16289 (macOS) Crashes aren't handled correctly in some cases
  • 16397 (macOS) The mixer window is not rescaled correctly when it's moved to a secondary screen in macOS 10.15
  • 16293 (macOS) The offline page for FL Cloud Sounds isn't shown

21.2 beta 1 (2023/08/18)


  • 15173 Added FL Sounds to the browser
  • 16203 Added a "don't show this in the future" option when dropping presets on multiple mixer tracks
  • 15264 Improved voice processing
  • 16087 Open the piano roll Tools menu when clicking on the "looking glass" for downloaded scripts
  • 16088 Use same Icon for Diagnostic and Control Creator on macOS & Windows

Bug fixes

  • 16258 Audio from audio clips cuts out when removing clips from playlist
  • 16176 Legato tool doesn't work on very short note gaps
  • 16182 Retriggering sample preview in the browser causes clicks
  • 14299 "Route selected channel" in the mixer doesn't work if the channel isn't in the selected filter group
  • 16023 Scripts aren't re-downloaded when the files were removed
  • 16163 The channel rack hides instead of focusing when it's detached
  • 16130 Undo of deleting a layer channel creates new channels
  • 16127 Pitch shifter: automating the Formant or Duration controls shows changes above the wrong control

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