After updating to FL Studio -- all my MIDI controllers were not functional

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Fri Oct 27, 2023 9:55 pm


After updating to FL Studio -- all my MIDI controllers were not functional

As the topic title states: that after I updated to FL Studio v21.2.0.3842 -- all my MIDI controllers were not functional.

FYI: previous version before update was: FL Studio v21.1.1.3750 -- plus I use the All Plugins Edition and using Windows.

But it didn't happen right after I updated the application, since I was able to test almost everything and it was working well -- including my MIDI controllers -- since I was able to complete a project with the midi controller.

So that was yesterday, but then today I turn on my MIDI controllers then FL Studio and they were not functioning.

I quickly noticed the issue since the pads on my Novation FLKEY37 -- they tend to change colors and patterns (of which pads are active) when starting a new session in FL Studio. And this time they didn't change.

FYI: The other MIDI controller is the nektar Impact LX25+

I went into the MIDI Settings(in FL Studio) and they were listed there -- nothing changed there -- I keep screenshots of those settings.

After a while of looking at all my settings, I found out how to fix my issue. See first screenshot:


As you can see (red arrow), the checkmark is greyed out, so I clicked on it to try to change it's state (see screenshot below):


After I did that, my MIDI controllers started to function accordingly.

Not sure what I must've done last night to change this setting (or if that setting now needed to be changed after the update), but all I was doing was tinkering with the new features in FL Studio (i.e. Stems and Mastering). I never went through those other adjustments.

Saying that, could it be that when I was using the mastering feature, it may have caused this issue? -- Since FL Studio tends to disable midi controllers when rendering.

I hope this helps others, and still I don't know if this is actual a bug or not? Anyone?
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