Sound of instruments changed suddenly

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Light Kiba
Fri May 06, 2011 3:16 am


Sound of instruments changed suddenly

Hey guys =)
I have a very huge and stupid problem. I´ve made a new project in FL9 XXL Producer Edition.
(I used those VST´s: FL-Keys, Kontakt 3 (Native Intsruments) AND Nexus 2 (version 2.4.)
I already recorded a piano (FL Keys), guitar, synth (both Nexus) and strings (Kontakt 3).

Now my problem:
Suddenly changed the sound of my guitar and I don´t have any clue why.
Right now sounds the guitar really out of tune (I had the same sound (the horrible one) before when I recorded the track but it was gone after I finished the recording.

I´m not quite sure if every Instrument changed (maybe a bit?!!)

I saved that project with "save as" and gave it a different name at the very begining (just the piano + guitar were recorded). When I open up this (saved-as) project sounds the guitar still how it should be.
Even the piano in the "saved as version" sounds different. - Better. Both pianos (in both projects have the same db-level even the "MIDI-note-db-level" is the same but the piano in the "saved as version" is way louder and powerfull.

I tried already something with the modulation wheel of my MIDI piano but it doesn´t have any effect on the sound (FL-Studio gave a signal that the modulation wheel is moving).
I reloaded the guitar sound but it´s still the that horrible.
I checked if the MIDI files --> wasn´t anything wrong

I really don´t knwo why and how this happend, so I just tell you guys some things what I did before and afterwards the sound changed (maybe it´s important?!):

- I exported a short part of the project as a wave-file (the guitar wasn´t inculded)
- I pitced a different piano part one octave lower

I played the song again and the sound changed.

- played around with the "buffer lenght" (I don´t konw why). --> It´s now on 3376 samples (77ms).
- I took a nap because I was (actually I´m still) frustrated : )

I´m going to upload a worse example (original project) and a "right" example (saved-as-version) of the guitar part. (You can even notice the different volume level...)
Worse version!
"Right" version!

Here is a screenshot of my export window. Maybe I set up something wrong?

I just listened to the "save as version" and I´m pretty sure that every sound changed (the guitar and synth [Nexus] more than the piano [FL-Keys]).

Okay guys, I really need your help!!!

If you can´t understand something because of my english (I´m from Germany) just tell me and I´ll try to explain it. =)

Greetings, Arne =)
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Light Kiba
Fri May 06, 2011 2:51 pm


Re: Sound of instruments changed suddenly

Oh vic, you are awesome, I could fix it =) Tha...

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