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Thu Jul 07, 2011 2:30 pm

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Transparent NY Send

This is a patcher preset to be processed parallel with a dry signal, providing multiband NY compression.

I wanted to make it as a one patch, instead of using three separate sends.

From what I know, fx with latency on sends is bad - no matter what You do, You only get compensation between the sends itself, so there always be time shift between the inserts and the sends.
On the other hand, If You want a multiband filtering that is quite transparent, You can't do it without narrow IIR or FIR. Once You go parallel with this (filtered and a dry signal processed parallel) , IIRs are no good because they mess up the phase - so its better to use FIRs with linear phase and introduced latency.

Thats why You cant put that patcher preset on sends - use it on one Insert (picture attached how to make that work).

FIRs were taken from 3 fruity multiband compression. There are 3 knobs, controlling the amount of signal fed into bands.

If someone have better idea how to do this in FL, please share.

I've also added Maximus version, seems to consume less cpu.
NY Send Maximus.fst
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NY Send.fst
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